P. O. Box 1073 Mishawaka, Indiana 46546






Concrete Recycling Center became a S-Corp. February 2006, in the state of Indiana.

May of 2008, we moved our office location from South Bend, Indiana to Mishawaka, Indiana, and have been having fun ever since.


We supply contractors and the general public with small load (6 ton minimum, 7.5 ton maximum load) dump truck delivery services. We are able to get our small truck in and out of areas where a larger truck will not fit. We gross out at 26,000 pounds. Low overhead and tight gate clearance makes it impossible for large trucks to deliver or place material close to a work site. With an extra pair of eyes (our customer) checking tight clearance we will try about anything, of course depending on having a safe dump zone.



Recycled concrete, recycled asphalt, course sand with gravel, crushed washout cement in several sizes, assorted aggregate, sand, topsoil, mulch, animal bedding, firewood (when in season), landscape stone, small rocks 3” to 7”, medium and large boulders (when available), chunks of broken sidewalk used along streams, river banks & ponds, colored and crushed native stone, and old aggregate (concrete and other related items) removal service. 


Our small truck is leased out with a driver to contractors and the general public by the hour (3 hour minimum).    


Our earth moving equipment (loader / backhoe / drag blade) may be old, but we get the job done (the clock stops if downtime happens). Dirt work and concrete debris removal is contracted by the job and not by the hour).


We do not service Michigan, we do not load customer’s trucks.


100% of all phone calls are transferred to our cell phone, so we do not miss calls (unless we are operating a loud piece of equipment and do not hear the phone ring).      


Call for more information and product rates that will include delivery within 15 miles from our base. Longer distance rates available on request.


Call us anytime, even if you just need a question answered.


Thanks for checking out our site, see ya!